Common questions

1. What are the opening hours?

The tea room is open on Thursday and Friday from 2pm to 10pm. On other days a reservation is required, but don't worry. Just give us a call or send us an email and we'll try to find a suitable time just for you!

2. Do I need a reservation on Thursday and Friday?

Our tea room is built in an authentic Japanese way which means it is cute and cosy, but a little bit tiny. It may happen that there is a reservation and the tea room is full. Nontheless as we sit and drink right on the tatami floor, there's always at least one free tatami mattress you may sit on. However, if there's a booked tea ceremony we can't interupt it by letting other customers enter or leave the tea room in that moment for about 40 minutes which are crucial. Therefore, if you want to be 100 % sure that we'll be open, we recommend to call us or send us a message!

Attention! If you had received a voucher or any type of a gift token for a tea ceremony in our tea room, a confirmed reservation is imperative. 

3. Is it possible to book the whole tea room?

Yes, just give us a call and we'll specify the details.

4. How am I supposed to behave?

There's no need to be stressed or worried because of the unusual nature of our tea room! There's no need to follow the rules of the Japanese tea etiquette or communication. Our goal is that our guest enjoys his tea and the time spent in our tea room. Nonetheless every guest has to always respect other present guests who want to fully participate in the tea ceremony etc. Please do mind that anyone who wants to visit our tea room, has to take off his shoes and have clean socks.

5. What does it take to drink a cup of tea?

After your arrival, the host will welcome you and he will take your coats and shoes. Then he'll let you enter the tea room. Afterwards, he will present to you our tea menu. In case you choose a leaf tea, he'll prepare for you the first two infusions. If you decide to have a cup of the Japanese whisked tea matcha, you will take part, according to your mood and will, in a Japanese tea ceremony. You will receive all the instructions needed to follow the ceremony step by step. The whole procedure takes about 40 minutes.

6. Can I buy a tea to take away?

Yes, we sell our teas in packages as well for favourable prices.